NM Open Meetings Act & Inspection of Public Records Act - April 29, 1 PM (online)
Known as the "Sunshine Laws," this virtual training will be conducted by assistant attorneys general. 
The purpose of the workshop is to educate and assist New Mexicans and our representative government regarding the importance of transparency and compliance, as well as the rights of the public under New Mexico’s Sunshine Laws. 
The presentation on the Open Meetings Act will begin at 1:00 pm and will last approximately 90 minutes, followed by the training on the Inspection of Public Records Act. Attendees can attend either or both sessions. The training will conclude around 4:00 pm, and the attorney presenters will take questions after each training presentation. 
This event is open to interested members of state and local governments, school boards, commissions, public bodies, media, and the general public.  There is no charge for the training, however, due to limitations on the amount of people who can be in a Google Meet chat room at once, registration and attendance will be on a first come, first serve basis. We do encourage you to pass the invitation on to colleagues who you think may benefit from the information provided. 
A follow up email will be sent to those registered a day or two before the training, with a link to the GoogleMeets room and further information pertaining to the training
To register for the virtual training please follow the link HERE or contact Heather Sandoval at roadshows@nmag.gov.

Upcoming Trainings with UNM-LTAP

  • Powerful Presentation Skills -- May 3-4, 2022, 9 AM to Noon MST online ($25)

    • This highly participatory workshop will teach you skills that will enable you to communicate with confidence.  This workshop starts you where you are, and in a positive way teaches you how to communicate more effectively both one-on-one and in a group setting.  In a relaxed, supportive atmosphere you will learn techniques that will help you organize your thoughts, control stage fright and speak well under pressure.

  • OSHA 10 (English) -- May 10-12, 2022, 8 AM to Noon MST online ($25)

    • This course, accredited by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), was developed by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) in cooperation with the National Safety Council (NSC). The 12.3-hour curriculum is designed to directly address the core safety and health hazards common to the roadway construction industry. This program focuses on highway construction activities that are responsible for the majority of work zone fatalities and serious injuries. The course material is geared toward roadway work zone construction supervisors and experienced workers. The program design focuses on practical approaches to recognizing and controlling OSHA-identified construction hazards, accompanied with “hands-on” activities to reinforce the formal instruction.

    • OUTCOMES: This OSHA 10-Hour Course provides an overview of 11 key construction work zone-related safety and health topics. Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to recognize and take corrective action to address the following issues and hazards:

      1. Understanding OSHA

      2. Roadway Work Zones (Temporary Traffic Control)

      3. Personal Protective Equipment and High Visibility Clothing

      4. Collisions between workers and vehicle operators

      5. Night Work

      6. Mechanized Equipment

      7. Electrical Safety

      8. Excavations and Trenching

      9. Confined Space

      10. Fall Prevention and Protection

      11. Occupational Health and Environmental Controls


Registration for this course will open soon.

The New Mexico LTAP Center also has a curated list of free webinars.

Free self-paced NHI training: Road Safety Fundamentals

The Road Safety Fundamentals course will benefit participants who want to enhance road safety and reduce fatalities by identifying and solving common road safety issues, analyzing and evaluating roadway data, and developing actionable strategies and steps.

Prior RTPO and Related Presentations

South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center

Recorded Trainings & Webinars

2010 - present

Other training resources
Tribal/Local Public Agency (T/LPA) Training Program

NMDOT developed a thorough guide and related workshop for tribal and local public agencies who are planning to apply for federal funds, and host those materials on the Project Oversight Division's "publications" page. Resources include the T/LPA Handbook for Federal Projects (PDF), T/LPA Training Presentation (full slides, PDF), T/LPA Training Worksheet (PDF), and almost 8 hours of recording from the training (YouTube playlist), broken into one video for each of the 13 chapters.

Concept to Completion, or Cradle to Grave


Obtaining and utilizing State and Federal funding requires preparation. NMDOT has developed a training to assist local and tribal public agencies manage a project from Inception to Completion, or Cradle to Grave, to provide an understanding of the plan development process and the tools necessary to complete a project with State or Federal Funding. Here are presentation materials from a prior workshop.


Local Governments Road Fund

NMDOT provided a training on Local Government Road Fund (LGRF), which is eligible for project development, construction, reconstruction, improvement, maintenance or repair of public highways, streets and public school parking lots, and acquisition of right-of-way.

2010 - present