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Upcoming  Trainings (Free!)

  • Collect, Create, Classify, Curate: Enhancing and Integrating Planning and Emergency Management Capabilities -- Wednesday, September 7, 1:00 p.m. ED -  Participants of this live webinar are eligible for 1.5 AICP CM credits. 

  • Smart Growth America will host a webinar to help address the planning and ability to maintain an emergency management plan. The webinar will teach how to effectively integrate emergency management plans to various levels of local governmental departments to address barriers among themselves to work in cohesion during emergency situations.


Free self-paced NHI training: Road Safety Fundamentals

The Road Safety Fundamentals course will benefit participants who want to enhance road safety and reduce fatalities by identifying and solving common road safety issues, analyzing and evaluating roadway data, and developing actionable strategies and steps.

Prior RTPO and Related Presentations

South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center

Recorded Trainings & Webinars

2010 - present

Other training resources
Tribal/Local Public Agency (T/LPA) Training Program

NMDOT developed a thorough guide and related workshop for tribal and local public agencies who are planning to apply for federal funds, and host those materials on the Project Oversight Division's "publications" page. Resources include the T/LPA Handbook for Federal Projects (PDF), T/LPA Training Presentation (full slides, PDF), T/LPA Training Worksheet (PDF), and almost 8 hours of recording from the training (YouTube playlist), broken into one video for each of the 13 chapters.

Concept to Completion, or Cradle to Grave


Obtaining and utilizing State and Federal funding requires preparation. NMDOT has developed a training to assist local and tribal public agencies manage a project from Inception to Completion, or Cradle to Grave, to provide an understanding of the plan development process and the tools necessary to complete a project with State or Federal Funding. Here are presentation materials from a prior workshop.


Local Governments Road Fund

NMDOT provided a training on Local Government Road Fund (LGRF), which is eligible for project development, construction, reconstruction, improvement, maintenance or repair of public highways, streets and public school parking lots, and acquisition of right-of-way.

2010 - present

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