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RTPOs in a Nutshell


A collaborative between:

• New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT)

• Regional Council of Governments

• Local and Tribal Governments


NMDOT coordinates RTPOs, which deliver:


• Local prioritization of transportation related projects.

• A forum for communication and discussion on transportation related, policies, issues, and training opportunities.

• A network for technical assistance on transportation related funding sources and



The core strength of the RTPO structure is the voting membership including municipal, county, and tribal governments.


The RTPO policy and technical committees consists of representatives from a wide range of backgrounds, including: roads, engineering, planning, public works, community development, and elected officials. A Chair and a Vice Chair are elected by the voting membership in order to conduct official meetings and provide leadership to the voluntary organization. RTPO’s abide by bylaws and comply with the Open Meetings Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and offer a Public Comment period at each official meeting.

New Mexico RTPO jurisdictions are an overlay of 6 NMDOT districts, 7 NewMARC districts, and 7 RTPO districts. This jurisdictional alignment requires a diverse set of meeting and staffing related solutions in order to maintain RTPO deliverables.
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