NMDOT contracts with NCNMEDD to manage RTPO’s which deliver:
A local prioritization of transportation related projects through respective planners who manage the Northern Pueblos Regional Transportation Planning Organization (NPRTPO). A forum for communication and discussion on transportation related, policies, issues, and training opportunities. A network for technical assistance on transportation related funding sources and cycles. NMDOT supports NCNMEDD in administering a collaborative regional planning process among the NPRTPO member communities. NMDOT contracts with NCNMEDD for Santa Fe County, Rio Arriba County, Los Alamos County, Taos County and all the municipalities in those counties, plus the Tribal Governments of Jicarilla Apache Nation, Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo, Nambe Pueblo, Picuris Pueblo, Pojoaque Pueblo, San Ildefonso Pueblo, Santa Clara Pueblo and Taos Pueblo.   
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The NPRTPO special meeting will be held by zoom, and/or telephone, on July 7, 2021 at 10 AM. We are utilizing the New Mexico Attorney General's guidance to conduct this special meeting to rate and rank Transportation Project Fund applications. Please see the meeting tab for additional information. 

Governing Documents

NPRTPO Bylaws June 2020

NPRTPO Open Meetings Act Res 2019-01

NPRTPO Open Meetings Act Res 2019-02 

NPRTPO Open Meetings Act Res 2020-01



NPRTPO Public Participation Plan 2018

NPRTPO Regional Work Program FFY 2021-2022

Current (and past) Audits for NCNMEDD may be found on the State Auditor's Website

If you are interested in applying for a State funded project-Transportation Project Fund details are in this section.  The call for projects was issued by NMDOT in April 2021 for funding starting in state fiscal year 2022.

FEDERAL Active Transportation Programs NMDOT’s Active Transportation Programs team issued a call for projects for FFY 2023-2024 funds for Recreational Trails Program (RTP), Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), and Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) Program. The call is open from May through October 2021. For any questions, please contact NCNMEDD staff, Lesah Sedillo ( and Paul Sittig ( For TAP and RTP questions, contact Shannon Glendenning at For CMAQ questions, please contact Sky Tallman at

If you are interested in applying for a Federal Eligible project, please review this section for documents and compliance.

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Regional Plans and Reports

We are in the process of updating our Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and are asking for public input to


  • Identify our region's goals, opportunities, and transportation conditions for our long range plan.

  • Inform the rating and ranking of state and local project lists.

  • Designate new funding and investment opportunities. 

NPRTPO Regional Transportation Plan 2015

DRAFT NPRTPO Regional Transportation Plan 2020-2021 update

NPRTPO Annual Expenditure and Performance Report 2020 (APER)

NCNMEDD FFY 2021 Quarterly Report #2 and Reimbursement Request

NPRTPO 2020 Quality Assurance Review Checklist and Report



NPRTPO Resources


Dynamic NM Roadway Bicycle Guideline Map and Static PDF


New Mexico Scenic Byways and Scenic Byways Map PDF

Project Prioritization



Call for State/LGTPF Projects Awardees 2019

Transportation Project Fund:

2021 State Call for Projects

NMDOT 2021 Transportation Project Fund (TFP) Call for Projects

2021 Non-NMDOT Bridge Conditions table

2021 TPF Project Feasibility Form (PFF) (fillable PDF)

Additional resources from RTPO NM

HB 207 Transportation Project Fund

FEDERAL Active Transportation Program Call for Projects

NMDOT Project Prospectus Form (PPF) (DOCX)

TAP/RTP FFY 2023-2024 Program Guide (PDF)

TAP/RTP 2023-24 Application (Fillable PDF; DOCX)

CMAQ FFY 2023-2024 Program Guide (PDF)

CMAQ 2023-24 Application (Fillable PDF; DOCX)

Resolution Sample (PDF; DOCX)

Additional resources from NMDOT Project Oversight Division, including

Federal Project Applications and Federal Compliance

Federal Project Overview

T/LPA Project Feasibility Form (PFF) - Revised 02/21

NPRTPO Project Prospectus Form (PPF)

PFF/PPF Slideshow Presentation

Level of Effort Form (Environment)

TLPA Handbook 2019

LPA ADA-Title VI Compliance Memo 2019

Title VI Plan

NMDOT D-5 ADA Title VI Compliance 12/2019

ADA Transition Plan 50+ Employees

City of Tucumcari Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan for Curb Ramps and Sidewalks (EXAMPLE PLAN)

ADA Policy


Certification Exemption Letter SAMPLE


NM Transit Guide 2019

Application Guide FY 21

NM State User Guide

Northern Pueblos RTPO Contact Information

NPRTPO Chair: Christy Ladd, Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo,

NPRTPO Vice-Chair: Commissioner Candyce O'Donnell, Taos County,

NCNMEDD Transportation Planner: Paul Sittig,

cell (505) 356-9694

NPRTPO Planning Liaison: Joseph Moriarty, NMDOT,


NPRTPO Tribal Liaison: Ron Shutiva, NMDOT

District 5 Engineer: Paul Brasher, NMDOT


Assistant District 5 Engineer: Javier Martinez, NMDOT


Technical Support Engineer D5:, James Mexia, NMDOT,


NPRTPO Membership