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NMDOT contracts with South Central Council Of Governments to manage RTPO’s which deliver:
A local prioritization of transportation related projects. A forum for communication and discussion on transportation related policies, issues, and training opportunities. A network for technical assistance on transportation related funding sources and cycles.
SCRTPO Region.png

Regional Plans and Prioritizations

SCRTPO Regional Transportation Plan


SCRTPO 2025-26 Regional Work Program


SCRTPO Regional Transportation Improvement Program Recommendation (RTIPR)


SCRTPO 2023 Annual Performance and Expenditure Report (APER)

SCRTPO Transportation Project Fund Project Feasibility Form (PFF)

SCRTPO Project Prospectus Form (PPF)


South Central Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

New Mexico Planning & Development District 7

South Central Council of Governments' 2023 Audit

SCRTPO Member Comprehensive Plans

      City of Truth or Consequences             City of Elephant Butte          Socorro County

       Village of Williamsburg                         Doña Ana County                 Sierra County

       Village of Magdalena                           City of Socorro                     Village of Hatch

South Central RTPO Contact Information


SCRTPO Chairman: Vacant


SCRTPO Vice Chairman: Cathy Harmon, City Councilor, City of Elephant Butte


SCRTPO Program Manager:  Angela Rael, SCRTPO Program Manager,


SCRTPO Planning Liaison: Valerie Sherman, NMDOT  


SCRTPO Tech.  Engineer: Harold Love, NMDOT  Harold Love, NMDOT


2024 SCRTPO Member Representative List and Contact Information

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