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The NMDOT contracts with NCNMEDD for Colfax, Mora and San Miguel and all the municipalities in those counties. The NMDOT contracts with EPCOG for Guadalupe, Harding, Quay and Union and all the municipalities in those counties. They each have respective planners to manage NERTPO which delivers:
a local prioritization of transportation related projects; a forum for communication and discussion on transportation related policies, issues, and training opportunities; and network for technical assistance on transportation related funding sources and cycles.
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Jul 24, 2024, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location is TBD

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Northeast RTPO Contact Information


NERTPO Chairwoman: Shawn Jeffrey, Village of Cimarron,

NERTPO Vice Chairman: Ferron Lucero, Town of Clayton, Ferron Lucero,

NERTPO Program Managers:

Paul Sittig - NCNMEDD:

​Office: (505) 356-9694

Julie Surina - EPCOG:

Office: (575) 762-7714

NERTPO Planning Liaison (Urban & Regional Planner): Vacant

NERTPO NMDOT District Four District Engineer: James Gallegos, PE

NMDOT District Four LGRF Coordinator: Samantha Sandoval


Current NERTPO Voting and Alternate Members (updated April 2023)

NMDOT District 4 Information 


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